Hillbilly Car Air Freshener Hack

If you like to keep a nice smell in your pickup truck or whatever you drive but are tired of constantly chaining those high priced air fresheners, here is a simple and cheap alternative. What I do is to get a whole house A/C air freshener like this one I got from Dollar General for $3.00.
When you open the package this is what you see.

I cut one of the strips out like this.

This is the only difficult part...Locate and remove the cabin air filter in your vehicle so you can insert the strip you cut in between the cabin fiter pleats.
Once you place the strip in between one of the pleats on the cabin filter, like shown below, you can then reinstall the cabin filter in your vehicle.
If you don't know where the cabin filter is in your vehicle or how to remove it a simple search on YouTube can help. The smelly good strip  will last a long time, a lot longer than the little hanging or vent clip things. I used one strip in a minivan and it worked well for a few weeks. If you want stronger smell use more strips.  For a smaller vehicle use a smaller strip. You can experiment to see what suits your tastes. A single pack will last for months. Store the unused in an air tight container to keep it fresh...Enjoy.